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Find some advice here for choosing the group that suits you best upon registration.In case you’ve already been on the respective racetrack, you may find better orientation in grouping by lap times.

I've never been on a racetrack. I am rather cautious even on country roads. Always instruction
I've never been on a racetrack, but on country roads I usually drive rather fast. Optimally instruction, perfection medium possible, too.
I have been on a racetrack a few times. I want to have fun at an event like this, my lap times are not extremely important to me. Perfection Medium
I have been on a racetrack a few times. At an event like this, I would really like to improve my lap times. Always choose at least perfection fast. At events with three or four perfection groups, you might even want to choose very fast.
I am a licenced driver or an experienced leisure racer. I am not content, unless I improve my lap time at least a little. Always choose the fastest perfection group. This is, depending on the event and the total number of groups, racer, very fast or fast.

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