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Uphill and downhill

In the Ardennes you find one of the most famous race tracks: Spa-Franchorchamps. The fast and almost seven kilometre long track leads through the famous eau rouge and up the mountain. There is surely no better-known or widely-feared bend than the eau rouge! Then follows a long, seemingly endless straight. After this ascent the track turns into a roller coaster with nothing but turns all the way down the mountain. We use the old “endurance” paddock.

Unfortunately, there is now a volume limit due to continuing complaints by neighbours. The official volume limit is 103 dB at four measuring points distributed over the racetrack during operation hours. There must not be any violation of this limit. This is why the racetrack operators require a stationary measurement of all motorbikes in advance. The conditions are: 102 dB at a distance of one meter at an angle of 45 degrees. The revolutions per minute during measurement must be 75% of nominal rotation speed. That is, for a new 600 cc with 14500 rpm, a measurement at 10875 rpm. As measurements at such high standard rotation speeds do not seem to make sense to us, we have made measurements at lower rotations speeds in 2010 and agreed on the following rules:

The limit is 100 dB measured at a distance fo 50cm at an angle of 45 degrees. The rotation speed required is:

Four-cylinder engine up to 600 cc:  7000 rpm
Four-cylinder engine above 600 and under 750 cc:  6500 rpm
Four-cylinder engine above 750 cc:  6000 rpm
Twin-cylinder engine up to 850 cc:  5500 rpm
Twin-cylinder engine above 850 cc:  5000 rpm
Three-cylinder engine up to 675 cc:  7000 rpm
Three-cylinder engine above 675 cc:  5500 rpm

If these limits are violated, you must not drive on the racetrack.

Here you can print out a plan of the circuit.


  • The paddock is somewhat confusing on several levels. All surfaces are tarred. This means that camping is not possible. Electricity connections are available; please bring blue 220 V ECE plugs. The sanitation facilities are open all the time. There are nicer sanitation facilities, but there is warm water for a shower.
  • The paddock is accessible from 19.00 hours the evening before an event. After the last day of an event the paddock must be vacated immediately.
  • There is a fuel station without pump attendant in the paddock. It is only possible to fill up using a credit card.
  • There are cafés in the paddock for snacks.
  • A tyre service is on hand at all times. Further information under
  • We use the old lower “endurance paddock”. This pit area consists of 45 pitboxes. The pitboxes are 4 by 8 metres. The pitboxes are always separated by wire mesh.


You can reach the track via the A 27 motorway (Verviers - Luxemburg). Take exit 11 (Stavelot) and then follow the signs.


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