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Holiday in Hungary

The Pannoniaring in Hungary was built by motorcyclists for motorcyclists. This can be seen for one thing by the fact that along the whole length of the race track there are no crash barriers. There are large run-off zones. Either you find gravel beds or simply meadow. But this also makes the Pannoniaring very difficult to ride, since important orientation points are missing. The circuit is delightfully smooth to ride. There are no strange right-angle chicanes, just great curves. This race track can be ridden in both directions, but we always ride it to the right. A pleasant extra up to now has been the constant good weather, sometimes even too warm but definitely better than rain.

We hold instruction and race perfection trainings at Pannoniaring.

Here you can print out a plan of the circuit.


  • The whole paddock is concreted. The expansion of the pit area means there are no longer any large areas available for camping. Electricity connections are available; please bring blue 220 V ECE plugs. Please remember to bring a cable reel because there are only a few connection boxes in the paddock. The sanitation facilities are also open through the night. In 2005 additional sanitation facilities were built in the paddock.
  • The paddock is accessible at almost any time. There is also no problem staying overnight after the last day of an event.
  • There is a fuel station in the paddock with pump attendant, but it is very expensive.
  • There is also a restaurant in the paddock. The selection is very good and the prices reasonable. One of the best and best-positioned restaurants on any of the race tracks. All further info under
  • A tyre service is on hand at all times. Further information under
  • The pit area has been extended. The small original pit area consists of 20 pitboxes. The pitboxes are 6 by 6 metres. The pitboxes are all separated by walls. The new additional pitboxes are in the paddock without direct access to the paddock. These pitboxes are 8 by 8 metres. They are separated by walls.
  • Racing systems can be used here.


The approach is via the motorway to Vienna (Wien), then towards Graz and Hungary. Over the Klingenbach border continue into Hungary towards Sopran. Continue on this main road to Sarvar. Just before Sarvar turn left onto the bypass towards Balaton. Approx. 1 kilometre after Sarvar you have to turn left to “Pannoniaring”. Then continue approx. 8 kilometres “through the forest”!


  • Brand new : Accommodation in the Ringhotel right in the paddock. All info under 

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