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Pure cornering bliss

Here in the coal district of the Czech Republic we are very frequent guests. The course of the track is beautifully fluid and the run-off zones with gravel beds are large enough. In 2005 the stretch around the very fast left-hand chicane after the start and finish straight had to be modified for the FIM championship. That was the only way the circuit could retain its licence for international racing. This restructuring, like that on the Salzburg Ring, is very extensive and was done mainly with cars in mind.

Until May 2008 we have continued to use the old track arrangement. Due to a heavy accident in May 2008 we are now obliged to use the new arrangement exclusively. In spring 2008 the road surface and the drainage were renovated. Now the racetrack is as flat as can be and provides an extreme grip even when it rains. From this renovation only the last two right turns before the finish straight as well as the finish straight itself were excluded. Soon the finish straight will be moved further to the left to allow for a broader pit lane. In the course of this, the two final right turns will be transformed into one long right turn with one single radius. The date of that construction phase is not set yet.

Another particularly pleasant aspect of Most is that you have a very good view of some of the track bends from the paddock. This applies to the paddock beside the pit and at the front opposite the restaurant.

Another particularly pleasant aspect of Most is that you have a very good view of some of the track bends from the paddock. This applies to the paddock beside the pitboxes and at the front opposite the restaurant.

Here you can print out a plan of the circuit.


  • The paddock is divided into two sections. The upper paddock at the pits is completely tarred. Anyone who rents a pit can stay here. The other paddock straight after the tunnel on the right has been fully renovated in 2008, including the sanitation facilities. From this part of the paddock you have a great view on a significant part of the circuit.
  • Electricity connections are available; please bring blue 220 V ECE plugs. In both paddocks there are sanitation facilities which are also open through the night.
  • The paddock is accessible from 19.00 on the evening before events. After the last day of the event it is possible to arrange to spend the night in the paddock.
  • There is a fuel station with pump attendant in the paddock.
  • There is also a restaurant in the paddock. The food is simple and good. The prices are totally fair; anyone who cooks for themselves in the brief lunch break only has themselves to blame. The restaurant is open from 8.00 until around 18.00 hours.
  • A tyre service is on hand at all times. Further information under
  • The pit area consists of 39 pitboxes. The pitboxes are 4 by 8,5 metres. They are separated by wire mesh.
  • Racing systems with a maximum of 107 dBa at 6000 rpm can be used here.


The circuit can be approached from the south via Passau or Regensburg to Pilzen. From there towards Zatec or Chomutov to Most. Or via Marktredwitz and Cheb, Karlovy Vary, Chumotov to Most. Just before the exit to Most you can see the spectator stands across the lake. At the roundabout turn right up the hill and follow the signs for "Automotodrom". From the north it is possible to approach via Chemnitz. Most is signposted from there.


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