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At last! The Grand-Prix circuit

In 2001 and 2002 the whole paddock area with pits and administration buildings was rebuilt. At the same time a new tunnel to the paddock was built. This means that now even larger vehicles can drive into the paddock unhindered while the race track is in use. In the course of these renovations the back straight also had to be moved to create more space for the paddock. For the 2004 season some of the speed was taken out with tighter turns around the back straight. And on some of the bends the crash zones were extended. The circuit has gained considerable appeal through the alterations. Sadly, the extremely superelevated “de bulit” curve was turned into a perfectly “normal” left-hand curve..

Up to now the Grand Prix course was only used by the Moto-GP and Superbike World Championship. All other events, even races for various championships, had to be held on the 4-kilometre-long training course. The Grand Prix circuit on the other hand was 6 km long. But now this too is history. In the winter of 2005/2006 the Grand Prix circuit was shortened to 4.7 km. For the first time in the 2006 season all events will be held on the Grand Prix circuit. For us this is a great advantage! At last, the same track for us as for Rossi and Co. This gives us three more bends, some very long, and almost 800 metres more track. And at last the lap times are comparable and everyone can see how many seconds they are away from the Moto-GP aces.

We hold instruction and perfection training at Assen. Four groups are always formed for these.

Here you can print out the new plan of the circuit.


  • The whole paddock is laid out with composite stone. This makes camping a good option. Electricity connections are available; please bring blue 220 V ECE plugs. The sanitation facilities are also open through the night.
  • The paddock is accessible from 19.00 hours the evening before events. After the last day of the event the paddock must be vacated immediately. Important: no animals are allowed in the paddock area.
  • There is a fuel station with pump attendant in the paddock.
  • There is also a restaurant in the paddock. Unfortunately the choice is fairly limited and prices relatively high.
  • A tyre service is on hand at all times. Further information under
  • The pit area consists of 34 pitboxes. Each pitbox has a shower and toilet. The pitboxes measure 6 by 12 metres. Two pitboxes always form a unit and are separated only by wire mesh.
  • Noise limit: max. 88 dBA with maximum acceleration on drive-by. Measurements are taken throughout the event. Anyone who is too loud will receive one warning, if the level is exceeded again the rider will not be permitted to continue. With standard exhaust systems there is no problem – racing systems do not work here unfortunately.


Via the A3 Oberhausen-Arnheim-Zwolle, continue on the A28 towards Groningen. Or from the north (Wilhelmshaven, Oldenburg) via Groningen (A7) on the A 28. From the A 28, take the exit Assen “Zuid”, then follow the small signs for “Circuit van Drenthe” (Paddock).


Motel Assen 0031 592 85 1515
Hotel de Jonge 0031 592 312 023

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