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Season Opener

Spain – sunny and full of racetracks! And they are building ever more. The Circuit d'Alcarràs is one of them. First opened in 2007 this is a beautiful racetrack on the top of a hill, not far from the city of Al Carras, about 12 km from Lleida. In March the temperatures are already pleasant and as it is located in the northern part of Spain it is possible to get there relatively easily with your own vehicle.

The racetrack has a total length of 3743 m and is a little bit longer than Oschersleben for example. As it was built on the hillside, the track leads down the hill first and then back up to the finish line which is the highest point of the track. We are driving counter-clockwise so that there are ten left and four right turns with different radii. The biggest challenge is a fast downhill double left turn. With a minimum width of 14 m the CIRCUIT ALCARRAS offers perfect conditions for our sport.

The paddock includes spacious pits, each one equipped with a simple bathroom and a shower. The paddock even includes a little restaurant and a swimming pool; they also considered viewers: from the roofs of the pits you can see a big chunk of the CIRCUIT. Via a little bridge for pedestrians you can walk into the interior of the CIRCUIT where you can get a great view on some turns.

This is where we start into the Season! This event always takes place in the last week of March. That way, you can travel there on the weekend before the event and plan your departure for the weekend after. Four days do make sense considering the somewhat longer trip and are at the same time still affordable. We will start on Monday with four groups. Considering the differences in lap times and the fact that drivers select their group themselves this is useful, there will be less drivers on the track. From the second day on, we will drive in three groups. Drivers will be assigned to groups according to their lap times on the first day. With this organization we are able to maximize both driving time and security. On the final day there will be races. As usual in Spain, there will be a “rolling start”. For slower drivers, we offer an introduction with our instructors. In the schedule (use navigation to get there), you find more information.

Print the Circuit layout her.


  • Camping is allowed in the paddock. Near the pits everything is tarred and you may only park, but not camp on these surfaces. Camping is limited to an area one level higher. Water and Electricity are available there. It is forbidden to sleep in the pits. Above the pits, however, there are some bedrooms available.
  • Entry to the paddock is possible after 7 pm the night before the event. If you arrive early, you can wait in front of the paddock where you will find a parking area with a beautiful view.
  • There is no fuelling station inside the paddock. The closest public fuelling station is located about 10 km away in the town of Al Carras.
  • In the paddock there is a little restaurant. In Al Carras (10 km) there are supermarkets.
  • We tyre service throughout the event.
  • There are 29 pits with bathroom and a shower.
  • You can use racing-type exhaust pipes with max. 107 dBA at 6000 rpm measured at 50 cm distance.

How to get there:

From Northern Europe you go on the highway through France via Barcelona. Then you either use the highway to Lleida, pass Lleida (about 5 km) and take the exit at Al Carras and simply follow the signposts. Or you leave the highway in Barcelona and turn into the A2 (the old highway which is in a bad condition, but toll-free), go past Lleida and exit at Al Carras. The second option is about 50km shorter.


In Lleida you find hotels in any price category.

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